25 years anniversary Galerie Ramakers, 2019
    Participating artists: Pat Andrea, Bob Bonies, Joncquil, Ien Lucas, Mat van der Heijden, Michel Hoogervorst, Yumiko Yoneda  
                    Acrylic and glass bowls on wall, 310 x 1.150 cm (photo: Eric de Vries)                       
    Process        Details

                        Otthon Leszek, 2017, AiR Pécsbagota, Hungary                       
Process          Murals

                        Guess things happen that way, 2017                       
Galerie Ramakers
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m h 

publication on the occasion of a duo show with Albert Verkade, KunstRai 1998, Galerie Ramakers
    Design: Taco Faber     Photography: Eric de Vries, Ed Brandon, George Vincentie     Text: Leo Delfgaauw

Cassette with 7 booklets of 7 artists, Stadscollectie Den Haag, 1996.
Edition of 250 copies numbered and signed by the artists:  
Elsa Hartjesveld, Marcel Zalme, Aline Thomassen, Tanja Smit, Christie van der Haak, Marcel van Eeden, Hans Könings and Michel Hoogervorst. 
  • Curator: Leo Delfgaauw     Design: Faydherbe/de Vringer

De tuin, het atelier

publication on the occasion of a show with Klaus Baumgärtner and Robine Clignett in the Hortus Botanicus, Leiden, 1997
  Design: Klaus Baumgärtner        Photography: Theo de Rijke        Texts:  Mensje van Keulen en Gerrit Willems

                       Lou in the studio                       

                        Cash in the studio                       
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